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Social sciences include the academic disciplines such as anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology. These disciplines study the human social experiences by incorporating methods rooted in quantitative as well as qualitative perspectives.

Anthropology and Archeology: With some of the most diverse populations of human communities and some of the most ancient research sites, Indic civilization continues to intrigue and invite scholars and students.


Communication and Media Studies

Politics and Political Science: With Artha accepted as an important human spiritual goal, politics and political science can be enriched by better incorporation of ideas rooted in Indic studies.

Geography: Indic civilization is a rich and fertile region with thousands of geographical sites for study and research.

Psychology: The human mind has been studied in great depth and breadth for millennia in Indic civilization and psychology as a discipline is just waiting to be enriched by incorporating those ground-breaking ideas.

Sociology and Social Work: The Indic categories of social life has several important contributions to offer to the field of sociology as well.

Science, Technology, and Society